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Project Kawasaki KLX 250SF 340 Super-Moto:

Stock Kawasaki KLX 250SF We started with a complete stock KLX250SF which was given to us by Bikeland Media Group.

After a quick ride and then a dyno run at the shop, I understood why Oliver, editor at Bikeland, wanted to do something with the motor. At 18 horsepower, it is a little sluggish, to say the least.

Here are the project specifics:

Kustom Kraft provided us with their 340 big bore kit. I ported the head and fitted some Web cams from their KLX300 stock. After a little research, I decided the Mikuni TM-36 pumper carb was the way to go. It fits almost perfectly with no modifications needed, other than some jetting changes. Muzzy’s provided us with a full exhaust system to bolt on. And we removed the airbox top to let it breathe better.

The bike went back on our Superflow dyno for break-in and jetting changes. After a few runs, I decided we were pretty close on the jetting. The KLX consistently produced 29.8 horsepower with pump fuel. That's 11.8 more horsepower!

Oliver was picking up the bike the next day and we had some more goodies to put on:

  • Pro-taper bars and grips
  • Stainless brake lines and pads
  • Race-Tech suspension
  • Beta levers and handguards
  • Lightspeed carbon covers

Now, the little KLX was a lot more fun to ride on the street. It had a lot of torque right off the bottom and seemed to carburate beautifully with the pumper carb.

Kawasaki KLX 250SF mods Kawasaki KLX 250SF mods Kawasaki KLX 250SF mods

Off to the Laguna GP the bike went to be displayed. Here is a link to the promo story about the bike: http://www.bikeland.org/story.php?storyID=48195

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