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With the new E10 fuel, many headaches for motorcyclists arise. Poor fuel mileage and poor performance is to be expected. However, there is a solution….the magical Blue Handled pump at the local Bend shell station (3rd St. – between Greenwood and Olney).

This is a non-ethanol 92 octane fuel that can be pumped into motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles or gas cans. It is well worth the effort to use this fuel. You will have obvious better performance and fuel mileage results. Contact M-tech if you have questions or would like more information.

WR jetting

The newer WRs are definitely more difficult to get the jetting right. After you have removed the air inlet snorkel, quiet core, throttle stop, and cut the gray wire it is not a simple re-jet. There are five different jets to change in addition to the needle and clip position. Once that is done, it is not an easy task to remove the carb and change all those jets. You will want to get it right the first time. Or at least close. We have a great kit that makes your WR run at optimum performance for under $200, labor included. It’s well worth it.

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M-Tech Motorcycles
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